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Danley’s takes great care in making your building look good. Repairing your building with our quality and professional tuckpointing and masonry restoration services is the only choice.

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We’ve been providing the Chicagoland area with the best tuckpointing repairs for many years. Old and damaged mortar in your brick joints not only creates an eyesore, but can negatively affect your building’s structural integrity.

Danley’s follows all the necessary procedures when performing tuckpointing and masonry restoration services to ensure that you’re getting the highest quality of work.

What’s Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing refers to the brick and mortar of your house or building. Over time, the mortar in brick joints wears out naturally and can become cracked and deteriorated.

Nobody likes the look of uneven and cracked brick joints. Plus, it’s not good for the structure. Repairing mortar and brick joints will not only boost the appeal of your home or building but, it will help it last longer and be stronger.

Danley’s tuckpointing services will get your building looking like new in no time.

How Tuckpointing Is Done

Tuckpointing is a process that needs to be done with great care because you don’t want to damage anything more than it already may be.

Danley’s experienced tuckpointing professionals have the process down to a science.

First, we’ll grind all joints to a 1/2″ depth to make sure that all the old mortar is out of the way. Then we’ll rinse out the joints to provide a clean and unobstructed area to apply the new mortar.

Then, with precision, we’ll install the new mortar and work it down to give a perfect appearance. We make sure to use the appropriate type and color to perfectly match your home.

After we’ve installed the new mortar, smoothed it down and made sure everything is even and lined up right, we’ll thoroughly clean the tuckpointing with the appropriate chemicals.

Your new tuckpointing will have your brick and mortar joints looking fresh and bright. Your home or building will look practically brand new.

What’s Masonry Restoration?

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Masonry restoration goes beyond just tuckpointing. Masonry restoration can be anything from completely rebuilding the brick wall structure to something as simple as cleaning and sealing.

Danley’s provides Chicago with premium masonry restoration and will make your home or building look as good as new.

We’ll replace any cracked, displaced or deflected brick. We’ll also rebuild any bowing or leaning brick walls.

Common Masonry Problems

There are many signs to look for when thinking about masonry restoration. Any cracked brick, damaged mortar joints or walls that aren’t level are all signs that you need to replace that area of brick.

Another big problem that will require masonry restoration is the penetration of moisture into the brick wall. Once moisture gets into the bricks, it weakens the mortar and pretty much renders the brick useless.

It’s important to notice any water damage and cracking in your brick wall right away so it doesn’t spread and become a bigger problem.

Trust Danley’s For All Your Chicago Tuckpointing Needs

You can rest assured knowing that your home or building is in good hands with Danley’s tuckpointing services.

We have experience with tuckpointing on a multitude of surfaces including, but not limited to, terracotta, stone and block.

Danley’s owns all the necessary equipment needed for masonry restoration and tuckpointing services including modular staging, scaffolding and many sizes of man-lifts.

There’s no tuckpointing or masonry restoration job too big for Danley’s. Get started today on your Chicago tuckpointing and masonry restoration with a free quote online.

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