The Many Benefits of Having a Flat Roof Garage

Of all the styles of garage roofs to choose from, flat roofs are often the last option that comes to mind. However, a flat roof garage can be just what you’re looking for and you don’t even know it yet.

flat roof garage

Flat roofs are often used on large commercial buildings but can be quite beneficial for the everyday homeowner. We’ll go over why flat roof garages shouldn’t be overlooked and why they could be the perfect option for your new garage.

What is a Flat Roof Garage?

As the name suggests, a flat roof garage has a flat roof. There are no pitches or gables, just a flat surface atop your garage.

Although the roof is classified as flat, they’re not completely level. There’s still a slight incline to allow water to slide off the roof.

People often don’t realize this and think that having a flat roof is problematic because of water build-up. In reality, that’s not the case and flat roofs do actually drain water away to help prevent damage and leaks.

Flat Roofs Are Cost-Effective

Price is often the biggest factor in any new construction or replacement project and flat roof garages are the least expensive option of all the garage styles.

Since the roof isn’t pitched, they can be built quicker than gable or hip roof garages. Also, with no vaulted ceiling to build, flat roof garages require less materials which helps subtract from the overall cost of building a new garage.

In terms of saving money after your new garage is built, flat roof garages will most certainly help keep money in your wallet. With no slopes or valleys to clean, maintenance for flat roofs is lower than pitched roofs.

When you do need to clean and maintain your flat roof, it’s safer to do than on pitched roofs because you won’t have to worry about slipping and falling off the roof as easily.

If you’re looking for a very standard and inexpensive solution for your new garage project, then a flat roof garage will work perfectly.

More Usable Space with a Flat Roof

garage with roof deck

Since the roof is almost completely flat, you’re able to utilize that space in a variety of different ways that you can’t do with a pitched roof garage.

You might hear people refer to a flat roof garage as a deck over garage. Deck over garages feature a deck on the roof and are a great option if you have limited space to work with but still want to utilize as much square footage as possible.

Building a deck on top of your garage is a unique way to add value to your home and create another living space.

If you’re looking for other ways to utilize the space on top of your flat roof garage, you can turn it into a garden or use it as a place for your air conditioner instead of having it take up space on the ground.

Below, we’ll go over some ideas for inspiration if you’re deciding to have a flat roof garage built:

An Urban Retreat

You can use the space on top of your garage as an area to get away from the scene of city life. By installing latticework walls and a pergola overhead, you can create a little nook that gives a relaxed feel. Planting greenery such as vines throughout the walls and pergola will work greatly in your attempts to relax.

Rooftop Garden

Have you always wanted more space for a garden? Then turning your flat roof into a rooftop garden is perfect for you. It can be used for growing all types of plants and even grow some of your own fruits or vegetables.

Hangout with Family and Friends

Probably the most popular use for flat roof garages is turning the roof into an area where you can hangout with family and friends. By putting some outdoor furniture up there such as couches and tables, you can create a living space everyone can enjoy during the nicer weather.

Rooftop Decorations

If you’re a very holiday-oriented homeowner, then using your flat roof for decorations is a great idea. Create a winter wonderland during Christmas time or scare trick-or-treaters during Halloween.

Flat Roof Garages Are More than They Appear to Be

Flat roof garages often go overlooked, however, they can be made into beautiful structures that serve multiple purposes. As a homeowner, you want to get the most out of the space you have and building a flat roof garage will help you in those efforts.

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