What is the Ideal Garage Size for Restoring a Full-Size Car?

Every car-enthusiast asks the question: what’s the point of a garage if it’s too small to properly restore a car?

Not all car junkies are lucky enough to have a property outfitted garage to restore a full-sized car.  Many garages were built as an afterthought to simply shelter their cars and other items.  Those garage spaces aren’t equipped to handle our modern demands for big projects, power tools, and full-bodied car restorations.

What if you’re lucky enough to start from scratch?

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What Makes a Dream Garage?

Restoring a car is no easy task to undertake.  You’ll need the space, certainly, among other requirements to tackle this process.  While lots of restorers have brought cars back to life within the confined space of a one-car garage, it’s a tight fit.  While possible, it calls for creativity in navigating such a small space.  Most enthusiasts who are stuck with a tiny garage and dream of a bigger space. What would be the ideal size to restore a car anyway?

The bigger, the better when it comes to car restoration, especially for a full-sized vehicle.  Not all of us are blessed with a three-car garage, but if you’re building a garage with a major car restoration in mind, then opt for plentiful space.

Here are some things you’ll want to consider for your garage when restoring a car:

  • A space for a workbench or an area to spread out
  • A space to keep tools and equipment
  • A space to keep larger restoration equipment like compressors, floor jacks, and engine cranes
  • A space for painting
  • A space for welding

Let’s face it, restoring a car is a real challenge, even for the most talented among us, but when the process is done in a roomy garage, there are far less headaches to face.  Because of the many phases of a restoration process, having at least a two-car garage can make the work area less convoluted, allowing you to switch between tools and bulkier equipment with minimal hassle.

Imagine being granted the ability to move freely in your garage around the car you’re restoring, the heavy equipment, the tool cabinets, the gear, and the workbenches with room to spare.  Space in the world of car restoration is more than a peace of mind. It grants you the ability to actually enjoy your favorite hobby without feeling the claustrophobia of a small, unworkable garage space.

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From Floor to Ceiling

Of course, the ideal garage for car restoration involves more than just sheer size.  Whether you’re a novice car-restorer or a veteran, you’ll want a few aspects in your garage to make it the ideal environment to bring a car back to its glory days.

Garages are often starved of electricity.  A perfect setting for restoration means plentiful space equipped with an abundance of outlets to power your tools and equipment.  If possible, you might even consider having a higher voltage circuit installed to power tools like an air compressor or an arc welder.  No matter what, you’ll want numerous 110-volt circuits throughout your garage, preferably installed by a professionally trained electrician.

While considering your wall construction, also think about insulation.  A full-sized car restoration will take time and you could find yourself working as the weather shifts into colder seasons.  Insulating your workspace—and your hard work—will enable you to stick to your project and its time frame.

Your floors are just as critical in creating the perfect garage workspace as the size, walls, electricity, and insulation.  Restoration can be messy, and the best design in response to the potential mess of scraps, runoff, grease, and stray nuts is a floor that’s easily cleaned.  Use floor finishes like oil-stained concrete, epoxy acrylic for concrete, or place rubber matting overtop to make the cleanup a breeze.


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The Stages of Restoration Need Breathing Room

Bringing a car back to life means going through many stages.  You’ll tear it apart, weld it back together, tinker with the parts, move things around, and finally clean it up with new pieces and paint.  Of course, easier said than done, so account for all of the tools and equipment that linger on the floor or workbench for extended periods.

That being said, you can never have too much space for a dream restoration garage.  For a true car junkie, any garage space is ideal, but one dreams of plentiful room for movement and the allowance to change stages during the complex restoration process.

Make Sure Your Garage is Up to Par

Is your garage is lacking in space? Your vehicles and other items inside won’t be as protected as you’d like. Plus, if you plan on working on your cars with your garage car lift, you won’t be comfortable in the summer or winter if your garage can’t insulate you from the outside temperatures.

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