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The garage foundation is one of the most essential parts to building your garage. In fact, it’s the base from which everything is built. For such an important step, you want to go with a company you can trust.

garage foundation

Danley’s is known for making Chicagoland’s strongest and smoothest garage foundations. We have a process that we stick to that has helped us build over 100,000 garages. We’ll make sure your garage foundation is perfect and is ready for us to start building the rest of your garage.

What’s a Garage Foundation?

The foundation of your garage is the slab of concrete in which everything is built upon. It needs to be poured and smoothed to ensure there are no cracks and the floor looks great. Our garage builders have the expertise to guarantee this isn’t a problem that will occur with our garages.

How to Build a Garage Foundation

There are a few things that need to happen before the concrete is poured. The previous garage must be demolished and hauled away (which is something that Danley’s offers) so there’s level ground to work with. Then, we’ll determine where the stakes should go. The area between the stakes is where we’ll build the foundation.

We’ll also dig a footing around the perimeter of your garage. These are to prevent the foundation from settling when the concrete is poured. We follow local building code for the depth which is 12′ – 18′ inches.

The foundation starts with a gravel fill and a mesh net to reinforce the concrete.  Then we pour the cement between the stakes.

The Smoothing Process

Once the concrete is poured, we’ll smooth it out until it’s perfect. It’s important this is done right because it can lead to a weakened surface and cracks if not done properly. Thankfully, we’ve been building garages for over 60 years and will make sure your garage foundation is perfectly smooth before moving on.

The World’s Strongest, Smoothest Garage Foundation – Danley’s

We’ve made it our goal to have the world’s strongest, smoothest garage foundation and we’ve succeeded. It’s built to last a lifetime and look great while doing so. Get a free quote now and join over 100,000 other homeowners who’ve trusted Danley’s to build their garage.

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Since 1959, Danley’s has been Chicagoland’s top choice for garage construction. Since then, we’ve built over 100,000 garages, making us Chicago’s largest and most trusted garage builder.

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