Garage Storage for Kayaks

There’s nothing like being in a kayak.  Even a simple river or creek can provide for a lovely adventure. Kayaks allow us to see nature up close like nothing else: they’re as stealthy, sleek, and as fast as you need them to be, however they are terribly bulky and awkward to store.

You don’t have to give up on your favorite hobby by sending your kayaks to the grave of a garage sale.  You just have to get creative in your garage storage solutions.

Garage storage for kayaks

Floor Stands

Before you rule out storing your kayaks on the floor of your garage, consider the trusty floor stand.  It’s not as space-consuming as you may think and it might just become your preferred option.

Ajillis 71 Kayak Storage Rack

This particular storage device designed for garage-based kayaks runs about $299.99 on Amazon.  It’s roomy, holding up to 6 kayaks.  Perhaps its best features it that the rack is equipped with wheels, so you’re not bound to mounting it on the wall.  If your garage changes routinely with a constant parade of different cars or calls for moving objects around frequently, then this could be the storage stand for you.

Ajillis 71 promises that its 6-kayak stand is easy to assemble, fitting kayaks up to 11’ in length.  The stand in its entirety is about 32” wide and is able to hold up to 500 pounds.

Insight Kayak Rack-Free Standing Kayak Storage

Perhaps you want something a little cheaper and you don’t need for it to be mobile.  Check out Insight Goods’ Kayak Rack for $199.00.  It’s not as heavy duty as the Ajillis model, but it still can hold up to 180 pounds—specifically, two kayaks at 90 pounds each.

Insight’s Kayak Rack is best for a two-person kayaking family who might have a designated garage space for their pair of kayaks.  The rack is adjustable, too, expanding from 42-72”.  And if you ever decide to move your kayaks out of your garage, the rack is designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Garage storage for kayaks

Wall Mounts

When your garage demands are hefty, think vertically.  Kayaks are one of the few items you can hang on the wall with relative ease, the same can’t be said about most of your heavy lawn equipment and your cars, so take advantage of vertical space while you can.

Best Marine and Outdoors Kayak Storage Racks

Best Marine and Outdoors carries one of the highest-rated wall mounted kayak storage racks on Amazon.  Two of these hangers cost $68.00.  The racks themselves are heavily padded, so you won’t have to worry about your favorite kayak getting scratched or dented on direct metal hooks.

The hangers have a 100-pound capacity and are lightweight – so installing them isn’t a struggle.  There’s no assembly required, either.  The wall-mounted racks are 22” tall and will protrude 19.5” from the wall, something to consider if you’re parking a car nearby or have a workbench in close proximity.

Ceiling Storage

If you’re already short on wall space in your garage, go higher.  What about your ceiling?  Ceiling mounts have a little more to them when it comes to the assembly and installation process, but are the most efficient in terms of saving space.

Rage Powersports Apex Kayak and Canoe Overhead Storage Heist Pack

Amazon’s best in ceiling kayak storage is Rage Powersports’ Apex Kayak and Canoe Overhead Storage Heist Pack.  With this pack, you can store two kayaks (or canoes) safely and conveniently from the ceiling of your garage.  It comes with a double pulley system (52’ length of thick rope), and like the other kayak storage systems, has up to 100 pounds of weight capacity.  The entire kit includes two 6’ lashing straps, bike hoisting attachments, mounting hardware, a tie down cleat, and the pulley system itself.

Ceiling storage is the ideal way to go if you’re looking to save space. Although Rage Powersports’ system seems complex, it’s just a simple pulley system.  The kit will cost you $49.99 and allow you to tuck away a pair of kayaks, easily accessible for when you need them for your next adventure.

Choosing the Best Storage Solution

Kayak lovers don’t want to stash their vessels on a damp garage floor, leaving them vulnerable to damage.  Choosing the best storage for your kayaks will depend on the options available to you in your garage.

  • Wall Mounts: are easy to reach and can be moved outdoors if you needed extra space in your garage.  Mounting your kayaks on the wall saves you valuable floor space.
  • Floor Stands: are ideal for those who don’t want to mess around with the installation process of a ceiling or wall mount or for homeowners who don’t want holes in their garage.  This storage solution is the easiest to grab your kayaks and go, but you do have to sacrifice your floor space.
  • Ceiling Mounts: this style of storage is the most difficult, arguably, but it saves the most space.  For tight-fitting garages, this is the best solution.

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