What Are 10 Awesome Modifications I Can Make to My Garage?

Does your garage need a few updates?  You’re not alone.  Homeowners are frequently stuck with dusty old garages in dire need of modifications to update the space to the 21st century.  Here are a few awesome DIY modifications to transform your garage from a no-man’s-land to the ultimate project center:

#1 Lighting

Many garages lack proper lighting.  Older homes equipped with garages weren’t constructed with plentiful outlets and overhead lights because back in the day, these spaces were merely used to store cars.  Garages weren’t utilized as they are today with modern technology a constant parade of projects.

Install LED lighting above vital workspaces in your garage.  Use rope lighting, recessed lighting, and bright LED bulbs to your advantage by illuminating the dark corners of your garage that lack natural light.  You’ll be surprised how adding simple LED lights can give your garage a modern makeover.

Garage Modifications

#2 Implement a Workspace

Your garage is the perfect home for a workbench.  If space is limited you can modify a small area of your garage into a workstation for future projects, all it requires is a table, bench, or makeshift desk.  With your lighting installed overhead and a pegboard of tools hanging nearby, it’s the ideal place to tinker.

#3 Go Vertical

Do you have bulky items that could be wall mounted to save space?  Then what are you waiting for?  Attaching storage items, especially those that are seasonal, to wall mounts along your garage is the best way to clean up and get organized.  Not only will your garage area be one step closer to being aesthetically pleasing (a feat you probably never thought possible), but you’ll have plenty of extra room for all of the projects on your to-do list.

#4 Get Loud

What’s a proper garage without the tunes?  Install a stereo system in your garage and you’ll certainly thank yourself.  Transform your garage from a lackluster dungeon to the DJ booth for a festive barbeque.

#5 From One Car to Two

If you’re looking for the ultimate modification to your garage, consider expanding it.  Not all homeowners are granted roomy garages. To dramatically increase your resale value and curb appeal, transform your tiny garage into one that can handle one of today’s SUVs or trucks.  Although this modification is less do-it-yourself and will require a professional, you’ll feel satisfied when you can finally store your vehicles and other goods.

Garage Modifications

 #6 Say Hello to Track Systems

If you haven’t heard, track systems are your best friend when it comes to saving on garage space.  Bulky, awkward items that are typically the bane of your existence are now a breeze to store.  Hang shovels, weed whackers, rakes, and lightweight wheelbarrows on track systems and get them out of the way for good.  Not only does a track system make your lawn care items look organized but they’ll remain easily accessible.  It’s an all-around win-win.

#7 A Cold One

Being out in the garage and tinkering around should be fun, not a punishment.  This is your space, so claim it with a mini-fridge—the ultimate accessory to your garage.  You can purchase a fridge that meets your needs and it doesn’t necessarily have to be mini.  There are plenty of options: fridges with a mini-freezer, full-sized fridges, narrow fridges, or fridges that favor extra beverage space—whatever you choose, choose an Energy Star Certified product to help save on energy costs.

#8 Metal Shelves

Never underestimate the power of extra shelves.  If you have the space, seriously consider adding durable metal shelving units to your garage.  Not only will they help keep you organized, but they’ll keep everything from bulky storage bins to tiny screw boxes off of your floor and in one designated space.  Metal shelves look uniform and are easy to keep clean thanks to their slick surfaces—a must for a garage.

Garage Modifications

#9 Pegboard

Pegboards have long been used in garages and while you might consider them to be an old-school way of stashing away tools, they’ve been around for so long because they’re incredibly effective and useful.  Hanging a white pegboard above your workstation is convenient and helps you stay organized.

#10 Shoe Shelf

You might be one of the many homeowners with piles of shoes strewn about your garage.  Where’s the match for your hiking boot?  Whose running shoe is this?  Where did this roller skate come from?  Put an end to unorganized shoe piles with a designated four-tiered shoe shelf.  Using your vertical space, store bulky shoes in one area so they never go missing again.  Plus, it’ll be that much easier to notice when shoes are too stinky or too beat up and need to be thrown away, making room on your shoe shelf for a brand-new pair.

Upgrade Your Garage Today

Increasing your curb appeal doesn’t have to end with your home.  Your garage is important too. If these DIY garage modifications aren’t enough, Danley’s Garages can help you with a new garage.

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